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Craigslist users: It is found that craigslist doesn’t support tracking in some posting categories but tracking codes are generally supported in paid jobs and tickets by dealer posts.

Lots of Happy Customers

Hello, I just want you to know that you have a great product you have. I been using this for about three weeks and I am very impressed! The raw data you can see and track is fantastic. I have already told a few of my friends about that and they are equally impressed. Great Job!
Tom W Arnett, San Diego, CA

This helps me save time by focusing on the ads that are getting click throughs as well as the picture ads. I focus on those and ditch the ads that are not working. I also know when and where my leads are coming from. It lets me know when I should be posting so that I don't get buried by others!
Darren Scott, Orange, CA

Everything about ClassifiedAdTracker is a benefit for creating dynamic and effective classified ads. From the use of "image" links to the stats, the trackers set us apart from the competition. I went from 0 to 100 in 30 days with ClassifiedAdTracker and wouldn't market without it. Great ROI!
Terri Toman, Houston, TX

This program is absolutely amazing I have been showing all of my business partners, and showing them how to create reports. This program has allowed me to essentially automate the bulk of my business. Thank you!
Keith LeBlance, Phoenix, AZ

The service is critical for both my company and my customers. It allows us to test ad copy, create effective and efficient advertising and measure the results. It has completely changed how I advertise and in turn made my business and my customers more profitable.
Steve Jones, Louisville, KY

Without ClassifiedAdTracker I'd have no idea which of my ads were performing well and it would be harder to tell if they are ghosted. Because of the service more of my ads stay live as well. I'm able to constantly refine my ads because of the tracking. You really are wasting your time if you post without it.
Joshua Jarvis, Atlanta, GA

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