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Where to send your leads? Use Capture Forms and Increase Conversion

Whether you are in the real-estate business, auto-sales business, or a service provider, you know the importance of capturing and tracking leads from your various online marketing campaigns. With ClassifiedAdTracker, you will get a powerful and yet easy-to-use lead capturing and tracking system. Our approach will provide you with real insights into the effectiveness of your classified marketing campaigns and help optimize your marketing efforts.

How it Works

Create a html web form to capture the lead information you need from your ad visitors

Use our html form builder to create professional-looking contact forms, request forms, application forms, registrations forms and so on. You will be able to create as many forms as you like for each of your ads. Design your forms to accurately capture the lead information you need for your business. A good lead form will have the following:
  • Introduction message – You want to welcome your visitors to your form, communicate the benefits of responding and provide guidance on what they should do in order to reach you and help you help them.
  • Required fields – These are bits of information that should be completed before the visitor can submit the form. There is really no point creating a form where all fields are optional thereby giving users the opportunity to submit a form without providing any information to you. It is recommended that you do not ask your visitors to provide any uneccessary and personally identifying information as this may make them reluctant to contact you.
  • Optional fields – These are the bits of information that provide any additional information to you about your visitors but not necessarily critical for you to have that information
  • Hints – Helpful descriptive text along with your form fields to let your visitors know precisely what kind of information you would like them to enter for the particular form field
  • Menus & Options – Dropdown menus / Radio-Button lists to pick one of the options, Check-Box lists to pick multiple options. These make it easier for your visitors to provide accurate information to you and make it easier for you to manage your growing contact / lead database. These sorts of information easily lend themselves to better tracking and reporting.
  • Confirmation message – Let you visitors know their message was submitted successfully and what the next steps will be. You can provide any additional information or just simply thank them for contacting you.

Sample Contact Form

Sample Contact Form

Live sample lead forms and questionnaires

Configure email alerts and autoresponders

Setup email notifications to alert you when a form has been submitted. You can send alerts to multiple emails (separated by commas) or to distinct email recipients based on a menu option or subject. This ensures accurate and timely delivery of contact or lead information to the person that needs to receive them.

Email autoresponsders are useful for a variety of reasons. Common uses are 1) Tell your visitors that you have received their message and will get back to them soon. 2) Send prospective customers more information about your products and services.

Create a call-to-action button and link it to your lead form

Create a call-to-action button using our professional button templates or use your own uniquely designed button. Call-to-action buttons are a way for you to grab your visitors attention and to entice your visitors to take action and contact you or fill-out a form. See sample buttons below.

Call-to-action button contact us Call-to-action button register today
Call-to-action button email us to learn more Call-to-action button find your new home

Generate the html code to add to your ad description or webpage

There are 3 ways to link your form to your classified ad or webpage.
  1. Copy and paste the html hyperlink of your form into your ad description. Visitors will be able to click on the link to take them to your form site. You will want to include a descriptive title to get visitors to click the link.


    <a href="">Please click here to contact us!</a>
  2. Use your call-to-action button to link to your form. This option is similar to the first one. The difference here is that instead of your visitors seeing a descriptive text title in the link, they will see the button. Buttons tend to do better because they usually stand out and visitors can easily find them. The html code for the button will be generated for you in the form builder if you decide to use this option.
  3. Embed the form directly into your webpage. You can accomplish this by using the html frame tag. See example below:

    <frame src="" frameborder="0" height="100%" width="100%"></frame>

    You probably won't be able use this option in your classifieds since most ad networks don't allow the frame tag. But this option will work seamlessly with your personal or business websites that you have more control over.

Manage your leads database

All data collected from your forms will be stored in a database for your future reference. Users will be able to add, update, delete, attach notes, and send emails to their contact and leads. Your database can also be exported out to a csv or excel file anytime you want.

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