Add Flashing / Scrolling Text Images to your Ads to Draw more Attention to your Offers

Add Flashing / Scrolling Text Images to your Ads to Draw more Attention to your Offers

Enter your attention grabbing phrases and we will make it into an animated image that you can insert into your ads

Enter text (one per line):
Choose Animation Type
Scroll Sideways
Direction: Left-To-Right Right-To-Left
Scroll Width:
0 means automatically set. Max width is 725px.
Scroll Up
Scroll Height:
Line Spacing:

Animation Delay
Higher value means slower animation

Font and Color Settings
Font name: Text Color:
Font style: Background Color:
Font size:
Border Color:
Border Padding:
Text Gradient Start Color:
Border size:
Text Gradient End Color:
Border Curve:
Background Gradient Start Color:
Background Gradient End Color: Gradient Style:
Align Center:

  1. The smaller the animation delay the faster the images appear in the animation
  2. For scrolling text, use a smaller animation time (best if less than 100). Automatically sets to 80.
  3. Specify two different gradient colors to add some texture to your text or background colors
  4. Increase border size, border curve and set the border color to make it look like a button
  5. Text entered on different lines will display one after the other
  6. Scrolling text images may take longer to load, so it is best to keep the text as short as possible
  7. Set the sideways scroll width to make a smaller image (loads faster) for scrolling text. 0 means auto-set.
  8. Check "Fast Load" before getting the Image code so that the image is pre-processed to load faster in your ad
  9. Click the link in Step 2 to Preview your Flashing Image before getting the Image Code
Click Here to Show / Refresh the Image
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Right-click on the image and select "Save as..." to save it on your computer


Click Here to Get the Image Code (Fast Load)

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