Link tracking. Use your classified listings to drive traffic to your websites and capture more leads.

Drive more traffic to your website using classified listings and sell more

Are your ads getting viewed? Are your ads sending Prospects to your Website?

If you are not using your classified listings to drive traffic to your website, then you are missing out on capturing more leads for your business. Whether you are in the Real Estate Business, Auto Sales, Furniture, or any other Business, you have a greater chance of converting leads to customers on your website where you have more control over content than trying to sell right there in your classified listing. Many online marketers agree that this is by far the most effective way of using your classified listing to generate leads and increase your chances of converting them from Lookers to Buyers.

We believe that in any marketing effort, you need to know the numbers so you can effectively manage your marketing campaigns. With our link tracking service, you will be able to measure the number of times your ads are viewed and the number of times your visitors clicked on a link to go to your website. This will show you the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) to your site from your ad.

You will begin to know the effectiveness of your ads in sending visitors to your websites. You may have had a catchy ad title, geo-targeted keywords in the ad body that resulted in your ad being opened, but is the overall message compelling enough for a visitor to make a second click to your website? You will never know what works or what doesn't unless you track them.

How it Works

  • We will create a new link from your existing website link and provide you with some html code to copy and paste into your ad description.
  • Every view of your ad will register on our tracking server. We keep track of all visitor web stats including IP addresses.
  • Every click of the link in your ad will be recorded on our server before redirecting your visitors to your website.
  • Our tracking reports will show you the numbers and help optimize your campaign success.

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