Have you ever posted an ad and wonder if someone actually sees it?

And sometimes you may have hundreds of people see your ad but only receive 1 or 2 replies and wonder why you aren't receiving more calls.

The solution is to track the ad views so you are able to measure the response rate. It will tell you how many people saw your ad and when they saw it. You will gather vital tracking data like visitor IP address, browser settings, and IP mapped geo-location.

So set your mind at ease and install a tracking pixel in your ad so you know whats happening even when the phone isn't going off.

And it is quite easy to setup. Simply create a tracking pixel as shown below:


Copy the html code generated, go to your ad posting site and paste the code at the bottom of your ad description before submitting your ad


Once your ad is live, you can review the activity reports to see the number of times your ad is viewed. Then you can test different ad titles and search keywords to see which ones result in more ad views.

Note: Tracking pixels only work on ad posting sites and sections that allow html code and external image hosting.