ClassifiedAdTracker is a tracking and analytics tool that help advertisers track clicks, emails, phone calls, and text responses their ads receive. It gathers and analyzes ad activity data to help advertisers identify what is effective and what isn't so they can make any necessary adjustments to improve their ad performance.
No. We do not post ads for you or automate the posting of ads. Our system helps you create trackers to copy and paste into your ads. You generate the tracking codes on our website and the rest is up to you–the how and where you place the tracking codes.
No. This tool is designed to help advertisers track ad performance by measuring the interaction and response rates for individual ads. Although we may identify ad visitors by IP address, this is usually not enough information to say for sure who flagged your ad.
You can use our trackers on any website that allows you to post ads with links, emails and phone numbers. However, you may notice some classified posting sites allow html links in certain sections and disallow them in others. In any case, you can use our html tracking codes on sites that allow html or you can use the non-html tracking codes on sites that do not allow html. The email and phone trackers should work in ads that allow you to place email and phone numbers in them. You can always try first to see what works on different sites or read the site terms of use to see what is allowed.
Some posting sites will explicitly state if and where html codes are allowed. However, you may try posting the html code if you're not sure but you may find that they are stripped from your ad after the ad is saved. That is usually an indication that html isn't allowed on that site or posting category. In that case, you can try to add the non-html tracking code instead.
A tracking pixel is a tiny invisible image code you place in an ad body so you know when the ad is opened and to gather some visitor browsing information. This will work on sites or classified posting sections that allow html and external image hosting. Please check the ad posting website and posting section to see if it allows html and external images to determine if pixel tracking will work on it.
First, you identify the web page you want to send leads to, then you create a click tracker, which is simply a unique url that identifies a particular ad link and redirects the user to another web page providing more information about the ad. Our system will gather some data identifying the source of the click and update the click metrics for analysis. All of this is usually done within a fraction of a second so as to make it a seamless browsing experience.
Our system will help you generate a unique tracking email address that will be used to receive emails from your ad. Emails sent to the tracking email address will be forwarded to your main email address so you can correspond with the sender from your main email. Our system will keep track of the emails received so you know which ad sources receive email responses and the number of responses received.
Our system will help you create a tracking phone number and assign a unique extension number that identifies a specific ad source. For example: (555)555-1234 ext 1234 or (555)555-4567 ext 567. When a call is made to the tracking phone number, the caller will be asked to enter the extension number identifying the ad before the call is forwarded to your main phone number. Our system will update the call metrics accordingly so you can see which ads receive calls and the number of calls received.
Our system will help you create a tracking phone number and assign a unique texting code that identifies a specific ad source. For example: Text "DEALS" to (555)555-1234 or Text "BIGMATTRESS" to (555)555-4567. When a user texts the code to the phone number, you can send automated sms replies (text and photos) with more information about your ad. Our system will keep track of the texts received and update your ad metrics accordingly so you can see which ads receive texts and the number of texts received.
You can allocate as many phone numbers as your membership plan allows. Bigger plans will allow you to allocate more numbers. But since you will be assigning unique extension numbers and text codes to individual ads, the number of phone numbers allocated do not limit the amount of ads you can post.
We collect information such as IP address and some generic web-browser information from visitors that click on your link trackers. This information by itself do not personally identify a particular person but they may indicate the source of a click. More so, when leads respond to your ad by email or phone, we identify them by the email address and phone number used.
Yes you can use your own custom domain names dedicated just for click tracking. For example:

Or you can use your existing website by uploading our Go.html tracking file on your site. Then you can generate click trackers such as:
You can measure ad effectiveness by looking at the number of activity an ad receives compared to other ads. Since successful advertising campaigns require testing different headlines, ad copy, photos and calls-to-action, you will need to run several ads and track their interaction and responses to see which ones receive the desired responses and which ones can be improved.
Yes you can upgrade or downgrade anytime. But you may be required to upgrade if your usage exceeds what your membership plan covers. For example, if the call minutes exceed the minutes allowed in your plan, you will be asked to upgrade your account in order to continue using the service. Please note that there will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.