About ClassifiedAdTracker
What gets measured gets accomplished

How it started and the mission

I started ClassifiedAdTracker back in July 2009. I was posting a lot of ads for my freelance programming and tutoring services and thought it would be nice to see the number of ad views and the number of inquiries and responses I was receiving over time. So I created a little tracking system for my personal use.

I really enjoyed watching the activity reports as I tweaked my ads to get more and better responses. Then after a few months of personal use, I decided to make it a website I could share with other people.

8 years later and over 42,000 customers, ClassifiedAdTracker.com continues to grow and I am happy to continue improving it and supporting my customers.

ClassifiedAdTracker's mission is to help advertisers easily measure the effectiveness of their classified ad campaigns so they can make good decisions to become more successful online.

Adam Ajetunmobi. Owner.

El Segundo Beach, California

About the people

Adam Ajetunmobi. Owner.

I do everything from brewing my coffee to managing the business, coding and supporting you. I hold a computer science degree from University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

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Track Ad Views & Clickthrus

Know the number of ad views and clickthrus to your website from each ad

Track Calls & SMS

Know the number of phone calls and text responses each ad receives

Track Email Replies

Know the number of email replies each ad receives