Don't Just Post Ads And Hope For The Best

Track them to know what works and what doesn't.

Great tracking ➟ Great advertising ➟ Great results

Track Ad Views & Clickthrus

Know the number of ad views and clickthrus to your website from each ad

Track Calls & SMS

Know the number of phone calls and text responses each ad receives

Track Email Replies

Know the number of email replies each ad receives

Smart Advertisers Track Everything

Ad Views. Clicks. Calls. Texts. Emails.

Your Formula To Successful Classified Ads

  • An Attention getting headline.
  • Copy that generates Interest.
  • A message that creates Desire.
  • A compelling call to Action.
  • Tracking to see if it all works.
Lead Gen Methods
Whether you want leads to text, or call, or click? We make it super easy to track. ...And you may want to test different ads to see which ones work best.
Ad Activity Report

Knowing What Works Makes You Money

  • Know if your ads are been seen.
  • Know which ad titles receive the most clicks.
  • Know which calls-to-action work best.
  • Know the best days and times to post.
  • Know which ads receive the best leads and repost them over and over again until they are worn out.

It's fun and exciting to watch the tracking data and know how your ad is performing

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2 Powerful Lead Generation Methods Built-In

Used by Realtors, Recruiters, And Network Marketers

1. Use Interactive Multi-Step Forms To Increase Leads By 400%

Sales 101: Ask questions to push the right buttons – to create more desire. But most lead questionnaires can appear overwhelming, boring and intrusive early on. So here are 4 reasons why this method works much much better:

  • The first impression appears less overwhelming.
  • The progress bar encourage users to complete the form.
  • They feel very conversational (change questions based on previous answers).
  • You can ask ‘sensitive’ questions (e.g. phone number) on the final step when users have more ‘skin in the game’ from filling out previous steps.
Multi-step form example
Easy setup. See Ad Examples.
Call for FREE Recorded Mesage
Setup in minutes. See Ad Examples

2. Increase Phone Leads By 370% With A “Free Recorded Information Hotline” For Them To Call Anytime 24 Hours A Day!

As you know, lots of potential customers will resist calling for fear of been hounded by a sales person. But here are 3 reasons why this method works beautifully:

  • Make it easy for people to call. This is your opportunity to build some trust and familiarity with them.
  • Track who's calling and how long they listened to your pre-recorded messsage to gauge interest level. Also ask them to leave a voicemail with contact info.
  • Follow-up with confidence and talk only to those that are interested. And if they left you a voicemail, you can bet they are looking forward to a callback.

Want to increase lead generation from classifieds? No tool does it better.

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Everyone, Excited

What our customers are saying →

Brandi Mahon
Lexington, KY
ClassifiedAdTracker is a valuable tool that I use every day. It helps me track which of my ads are most compelling and help me determine which ones need more tweaking. I love seeing the CTR numbers and see which ads are making me the most money so I can duplicate that effort!
Patty Mortara
Hunterdon County, NJ
Link Tracking ROCKS - Seeing the # of times your ad is viewed is helpful (then you know your headline is working), BUT seeing how many people clicked-through to the website is what really counts! Its great having all your stats in one place and well worth the cost of the PREMIUM membership.
Mike Flahaven
Orlando, FL
Ad Tracker is great providing me with tracking my clicks on a daily basis along with the results and percentages with click thrus. I am able to pinpoint what time of day is best for me to post utilizing Ad Tracker. I have recommended your service to many of my colleagues.

Great Ads Make You Money!

Select a plan based on your monthly ad volume. Upgrade or downgrade anytime.


$29 99 mo.

  • 100 ads/mo
  • 50k ad views & clicks/mo
  • 500 email leads/mo
  • 500 form leads/mo
  • 1 local tracking phone#
  • Unlimited lead gen ext's
  • Unlimited text lead gen keywords
  • Auto-text lead follow up
  • Lead calls (5 hours/mo)
  • Lead texts (300/mo)
  • 100 image uploads/mo
  • 1 login
  • Start Free Trial!


$159 99 mo.

  • 1000 ads/mo
  • 500k ad views & clicks/mo
  • 2000 email leads/mo
  • 2000 form leads/mo
  • 10 local tracking phone#s
  • Unlimited lead gen ext's
  • Unlimited text lead gen keywords
  • Auto-text lead follow up
  • Lead calls (20 hours/mo)
  • Lead texts (1200/mo)
  • 1000 image uploads/mo
  • 4 concurrent logins
  • Start Free Trial!


$359 99 mo.

  • 2000 ads/mo
  • 1M ad views & clicks/mo
  • 5000 email leads/mo
  • 5000 form leads/mo
  • 20 local tracking Phone#s
  • Unlimited lead gen ext's
  • Unlimited text lead gen keywords
  • Auto-text lead follow up
  • Lead calls (50 hours/mo)
  • Lead texts (3000/mo)
  • 3000 image uploads/mo
  • 6 concurrent logins
  • Start Free Trial!

Awesome 24/7 Support

Joel Mackey
Website Marketing Manager
You are awesome, thank you for replying so quickly and working to find a solution. We have made ClassifiedAdTracker a core product we use.

You literally have the best service of any product I’ve used. You’re fast. Thanks so much!

The ultimate tracking tool for your classified ads
you'll never again post ads without it

Pixel Tracker

Add an hidden pixel image to each ad in order to know when it is viewed and count number of views

ClickThru Tracker

Track clicks on links inside your ad so you know which specific ads are sending leads to your website

Email Tracker

Track email replies so you know the specific ad that receives an email and the number of emails received

Call and SMS Tracker

Assign local phone numbers to ads for metrics and real-time call forwarding and sms messaging

Easy Ad Builder

Create compelling ads that stand out from the crowd and make customers respond to you

Web Forms Builder

Build clean, friendly, attractive web forms to collect lead information and prequalify your leads

Image Tracker

Track every ad image to know the specific ones customers are responding to

Custom Reports

Customize your reports with lots of beautiful charts and graphs to show ad effectiveness and ROI

Real-time Reports

See up-to-the-second ad activity reports. This is fun and exciting to watch!