The Number 1 Classified Listing Tracking System for Internet Marketers

Track your Ad Open and Clickthrough Rates and Know What Works and What Doesn't

Gain Insights that will help Increase Conversion and Generate More Leads and Buyers for Your Business.
Track Real Estate, Services, For Sale and other Listing Categories. You will know how many times your ads are viewed and how many times someone clicks on the links inside your ads. This is Fun and Exciting to watch!

Everything about ClassifiedAdTracker is a benefit for creating dynamic and effective Classified Listing ads. From the use of "image" links to the stats, the trackers set us apart from the competition. I went from 0 to 100 in 30 days with ClassifiedAdTracker and wouldn't market without it. Great ROI!
Terri Toman, Houston, TX

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Why Ad Tracking?

- Know if your ads have gone live and are being viewed
- Know which headlines are generating the most clicks
- Know which ads are driving traffic to your websites
- Know which ads are generating the most leads
- Know when to post your ads to increase your responses

How it Works

- Register an account with your email address
- Generate a small html tracking code for your ad
- Add the tracking code to your posting description
- Run reports showing your ad views and click-through statistics
- Test different headlines & calls-to-action to optimize your conversion

You will enjoy using this system for tracking your ad campaign success

Realtime Reports - Realtime conversion reports so you get to see your ad open and click-thru activity the instant they occur
Link Tracking - Track the Links inside your ads so you know if they are being clicked and know their click-through-rates (ctr)
Private custom Urls - Use your own private domain names in your tracking links and make your links more user friendly
Image & Photos Tracking - Upload, host, and track your images like no other image hosting service
Dynamic Image Ads - Control images that are displayed in your ads without ever editing and reposting the ad once it goes live
Clickable Image Ads - Drive traffic to your website with clickable images and see which images receive the most clicks
Contact & Capture Forms - Collect organized information from your prospects when they visit your ad
IP Address Tracking - See individual visitor IP addresses and see where your visitors are coming from

What you don't know may hurt your business - The Numbers Do Matter

Every serious marketer should track and measure the impact and reach of their marketing campaigns. When you use ClassifiedAdTracker to track your listings, you will begin to know what works and what doesn't. You will know for sure where you are getting the biggest return on time and money spent putting up your ads. You will know what time your ads are viewed the most so you can post during those times only. You will know what ad headlines and titles are attracting the most clicks in getting your ads opened by potential buyers. You will know what ad formats and calls-to-action work best when you are trying to get visitors to click-through to your websites. You will be able to use what you know to improve your ad open rates, your click-through rates, your ad response and conversion rates.
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