Craigslist Ad Tracker

Track Your Craigslist Job Ads To Determine
How Effective They Are

Daily Tracking Stats
1300+ new ads
175,000+ ad views
135,000+ clickthroughs
9,000+ form submissions
By tracking you'll discover the best headlines and ad formats and the best times to post. You'll discover which ads work and which ones don't so you can do more of what works to maximize your ad results.


Join Over 40,000 Advertisers

ClassifiedAdTracker is loved by Recruiters, Sales Agents, and many other businesses that use Craigslist for sourcing and recruiting. Here's what they are saying...

Everything about ClassifiedAdTracker is a benefit for creating dynamic and effective Craigslist Listing ads. From the use of "image" links to the stats, the trackers set us apart from the competition. I went from 0 to 100 in 30 days with ClassifiedAdTracker and wouldn't market without it. Great ROI!
Terri Toman, Houston, TX

You'll Know...

Know if your ads have gone live and are being seen
Know which headlines are generating the most ad opens
Know which ads are generating traffic to your website
Know which ads receive the most application submissions
Know which ad formats receive the most replies
Know if and when to repost dead ads

How It Works

Create an account. Click here.
Create a pixel or link tracker and receive a tracking code
Copy & paste the tracking code into your craigslist posting body
View stats showing your ad views and click-through numbers
Test different ads to determine the best performers
Continue to repost your best ads until they wear out


Pixel Tracking - Use an invisible pixel tracker to know if and when your ad is opened and how often
Link Tracking - Track the Links inside your ad to know if they are being clicked on and how often
Application Forms - Create application forms to gather information and prequalify your prospects
Clickable Image Ads - Use attractive clickable image ads to increase click-throughs to your website
IP Address / Geo IP - See individual visitor IP addresses and city locations to know which posting areas to focus on
Browsing Device - See which mobile devices and web-browsers are been used so you can optimize your website for them
Branded Domain Names - Use your own branded domain names in your tracking links to increase click-throughs
Live Stats - See your ad stats live without any reporting delay. This is fun and exciting to watch!
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